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Aero Engine Structure Design

The Front Bearing Housing is a key component in the Aero Engine structure. It is the main support member for the forward part of the engine and carries the bulk of the loading.

EKES carried out the design study which include a risk review, concept design and FEA to meet the requirements of the certifying authorities. EKES was responsible for all aspects of project management relating to its scope of supply: design review process, costed plans for design, stress/thermal analysis, 3D modelling and production of detail drawings.

FBHNastran modelThermal model
The Front Bearing Housing / Pre-Swirl Vane Assembly was designed and detailed at EKES. Both casting and assembly were modelled parametrically on CADDS5 using CAMU. The detail drawings were produced using the parametric models. MSC/Nastran Shell model used to calculate global structural loading. 3D Thermal analysis of sector model.
Cast segmentWax weldFull FBH
A 1/58th segment of the cast ring was designed at EKES and the model passed electronically to PCC in Oregon, USA. Using stereolithography. PCC made an epoxy resin die from the CADDS5 model. 58 wax segments were cast from this die. The 58 segments were wax welded together to form the ring of vanes. The titanium cast ring was produced by Investment Casting using the wax ring of vanes. Service cores were EDM machined through 18 of the vanes. Fully machined Front Bearing Housing/ Pre-Swirl Vane Assembly comprising of cast ring of vanes, front and rear panels, pipes, cast hub and VIGV casing.
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