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CFD and Stress Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has grown from a mathematical curiosity to become an essential tool in may areas of hi-tech engineering.

CFD Stress

Supported by the FEA output, Wood Group Pressure Control Ltd conducted a series of full-bore rupture tests to verify that their design was truly fit for function.

From analysis of single and multi-phase flow, solid particle tracing, erosion prediction through to confirmation of pipeline integrity, CFD allows a wide range of fluid dynamic applications to be understood and designed around. EKES offers an integrated approach, where CFD can be utilised alongside FEA Stress and Thermal Analysis to confirm and improve engineering designs.

CFD was utilised during a requirement to confirm the integrity of a Subsea Safety Isolation Valve (SSIV). These valves must be capable of closing virtually instanteously whilst withstanding the enormous dynamic loads caused by a full bore rupture of the up-stream pipework.

CFD Stress

Utilising the CFD output a 3D stress model of the arrangement was created in order to predict the effect of the dynamic shock loading on the mechanical integrity of the design.

CFD Stress

The image shown right is an example of a 16 inch Top Entry Check Valve commissioned by Statoil for their Åsgard Gas Pipeline. Stress analysis was carried out by EKES.

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