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Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis

Erosion of pipelines and equipment can be a major problem in systems with fluids containing solid particles. Predicting the locations and rate of erosion can become a challenging task for pipeline system design and maintenance engineers. CFD provides an insight into potential problem areas acting as an invaluable engineering tool.

The following represents a CFD multiphase flow simulation of potential sand erosion in a pipe elbow.


The analysis enables velocity profiles of both the carrier fluid and the solid particles to be predicted and illustrates their interaction with the pipe wall. Correlated by measured data, this information can be used to confirm the in-service reliability of the system in areas of potentially high erosion.


EKES provides a centre of excellence in the complex field of CFD. With decades of application experience and with the latest modeling tools, EKES are at the leading edge of the practical application of the technology.

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