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Digital Pre-Assembly Routing

Optegra Visualiser

Modern computer modelling and visualisation techniques have paved the way in the creation of harness wiring and pipe routing without the need and expense normally associated with the traditional "Mock-up" approach. DPA also allows a faster turn around in the creation of new designs because it can be integrated into the manufacturing system so minimising the time consuming detailing phase.

Harness model

EKES utilises both the CADDS5i Optegra visualiser software package and the Catia E3D equivalent which allow designers to dynamically create, view and manipulate a single master product model, access assembly structures, attribute information and 3D product views.

The above image shows CADDS5 using the powerful harness-design capabilities combined with new parametric routing that can be automatically updated when parametric changes happen to the design, something that cannot be done using traditional "mock-up" techniques.

E3D Visualiser

All familiar explicit manufacturing output data such as formboards and drawings can then be associatively updated.

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