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Performance Engineering

EKES have a small dedicated team of Performance Engineers with a wealth of experience in all aspects of engine performance.

  • Engine condition monitoring, provision of bespoke customer systems, data analysis.
  • Steady state and transient computer modelling and performance predictions.
  • Engine control system definition and verification.
  • Engine test bed calibration.

If required by the customer our team can be placed on site to conduct evaluation or testing. Alternatively the data can be transmitted directly to the EKES offices via our secure data transfer links where it can be analysed in-house. EKES currently supports both UNIX and PC platforms and so can accommodate any customer specific software requirements.

Bespoke Analysis Task:

Gas Turbine

EKES recently carried out a combustion noise investigation on industrial gas turbines.

A suite of industrial engines were analysed for a major engine manufacturer, in order to identify any possible factors contributing to combustion generated noise. A consistent analysis method was established from which the analysis software was written and verified. The data from over 100 engine builds was then analysed with 80 parameters per build. The results were reported on time and to budget with the analysis software now forming part of the customer's program library.

Data analysis plot
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