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Project Management

When managing a project in today's business world, you may need to bring together partner firms, suppliers, subcontractors, and team members who don't sit in the same building or even in the same city or country.

This project based approach works well but the key to achieving the desired results lies in the seamless integration between parent and host companies. The challenge of monitoring, managing, and integrating information flow, scheduling, change control and logistics, work planning and staffing requirements is no small task. Effective dialogue must be maintained but the need for synergy of time, information, and action depends on communication, collaboration, and reporting - and those tasks depend largely on the software you use.

EKES strives to maintain full customer visibility for both overall project and individual task progress. To achieve this goal EKES work to a weekly/bi-weekly progress reporting format agreed to prior to commencement of the project. The progress of the component tasks and overall project timescales are closely monitored using industry standard techniques typically Microsoft Project.

EKES believe that through this medium we can confidently control all aspects of the job and allow customers to see what, when and how the project is progressing at any particular time.

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